Mazda RX-7 With A Buick Grand National V6 Engine!

You gotta love eBay for the things you find, or in this case, what our reader “Mitch” found; a third generation 1993 Mazda RX-7 equipped with a 1987 Buick Grand National 4.1-litre V6 engine! Before you start knocking your head on the wall and although personally we wouldn’t attempt an engine swap on a RX-7, this is not your everyday Buick V6 powertrain. According to the seller, the V6 engine was heavily modified including the addition of Turbonetics 70 MM turbo pushing output to 621HP at 25psi on the dyno. And that’s not all; power is delivered to the road via a Dodge Viper derived, Dana 44-4 Hydra-Lok speed-sensing limited-slip differential. -Continued after the jump The seller says that the Buick powered RX-7 gets 30+ miles per gallon on the interstate -yes, we’re curious too to find out how he accomplished this figure with a 625 Hp car, and that it manages mid 10 second quarter mile times on street tires -that we understand. The current price on eBay is $16,000 or about 11,900 euros.

Thanks to Mitch for the tip! Link: eBay