2007 Tokyo Motor Show: Japanese Carmaker Premieres

If there’s one thing we’d really, really like to do in October that would definitely be to attend the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. But, since there’s no money, there’s no Tokyo honey –at least for this year. To compensate we’re trying our best to cover the Tokyo Show right off from the very beginning. And to be honest, we’re very challenged by the fact that it’s a tad more difficult for us to concentrate information for the Tokyo Show compared to major US or European auto salons. So, here goes. Yesterday we told you that in all, 37 passenger cars will make their world wide premier in Tokyo. Today we managed dig out the number of cars that each Japanese carmaker will debut. As you can see in the list that follows right after the jump, we’ve added the models that we’ve heard will premier in Tokyo. -Continued: Click “Read More…” below Daihatsu:


  • 3 World Premieres Fit / Jazz
  • 3 Japanese Premieres




  • 1 World Premiere


  • 3 World Premieres
  • 3 Japanese Premieres



  • 5 World Premieres
  • 1 Japanese Premiere Kizashi ?


  • 8 World Premieres
  • 3 Japanese Premieres