2009 BMW 7-Series Scooped By Carscoop Reader

Pro spy photographers; eat your heart out! Bastien, an eagle-eyed reader of Carscoop left his bathing suite to rest in piece during his summer vacations in Spain this September preferring to get some “scoop action” in the rugged region of Andalusia. And action he got as Bastien managed to capture (among other cars), the forthcoming BMW 7-Series. Despite the fact the 7er was undergoing tests in heavy disguise, it is apparent that BMW’s new top sedan will dump the current model’s extravagant or as non-designers call it, gargoyle looks, for a more elegant and dare we say, sporty design. From what we learned, the all-new 7-series will be released sometime during the 2008 calendar year, arriving in the market as a 2009 model. -One more pic after the jump We thank Bastien and Wesley for sharing the spy pictures!