HXC Cuda: Customized 2009 Dodge Challenger

Since we’re all about tuning today, one of our readers, “Chris P” from New York, rightfully thought that a customized version of the 2009 Dodge Challenger would sound interesting to our viewers. True, the Dodge Challenger hasn’t been officially presented in production form yet (sales start in Summer 2008), but HXC Performance wants to get a head start by opening a preliminary ordering list. The tuning house will offer the customized Dodge Challenger which they call HXC Cuda, in four available colours (orange, green, purple and red) combined with painted billboards. The standard HXC Cuda will also feature 20-in. black alloy wheels, a shaker hood, coilover suspension, Brembo brakes, revised grill and fender inserts. According to HXC, the basic Cuda with the stock 5.7-litre Hemi V8 will cost under $50,000 (€35,000). -Continued after the jump Additionally, HXC will offer a serious of upgrades including 20-in. alloy rims, Sparco bucket seats a high-end audio system and a supercharger kit. Thanks for the tip Chris P!

Press Release – HXC Cuda List / Ordering Information HXC Performance is now taking names for potential buyers of the 2009 HXC Cuda.

If you are interested in being on the preliminary list for the HXC Cuda, please email your contact information to [email protected]

-Name (First name, Last initial)
-Email (contact/updates)

Because of the limited volume of 2008/9 Challengers expected to be built, HXC Performance is taking a new approach to having customers order cars. Like other specialty builders such as Saleen and Roush, the HXC Cuda will still be available for sale in select Dodge Dealerships, but to make it easier for buyers, the HXC Cuda will also be available to order through the HXC Performance Website.

How It Works;
After building and submitting your HXC Cuda online, your Name will be added to the HXC Cuda Build List and your Challenger will be ordered when one of our HXC Authorized Dodge Dealers has a Challenger Allocation available.

By taking this approach to ordering your car, we take out the hassle of dealing with local Dodge Dealers and hunting down a Challenger allocation. We want our customers to be able to order the exact car they want, and do so with the knowledge that their Challenger will be ordered as quickly as possible, and their HXC Cuda will be built to their specs.

The Process;
Once an Order has been submitted on the HXC Performance Website, our list of HXC Authorized Dodge Dealers are notified. Any one of our HXC Dodge Dealers can then “Grab” that order if they have a Challenger allocation available.

After HXC Performance has verified a Challenger is on order with that Dodge Dealership, we then notify the buyer and inform them that their vehicle is in the Dodge order system. The Challenger is then delivered to HXC Performance and your HXC Cuda gets built.

With over 1,500 potential HXC Authorized Dodge Dealers in the U.S., there is unlimited potential of Challenger Allocations to fill HXC Cuda Orders.Link: hxcperformance