1994 Bentley Java Concept Replica Based On Chevy Monte Carlo

If cars were reincarnated to shoes, without doubt this replica would have lived its second life as a pair of Uggs. That’s all we have to say. And oh by the way, here’s the eBay seller’s description of the Chevy Monte Carlo based 1994 Bentley Java Concept replica (feel free to comment…) : “$19,900 for the best Replica Ever!! ~ Bentley Java Rolls Royce. Have the $250,000.00 look for only $19,900.00. We built this Replica in 2007 on this 2003 Monte Carlo. The “Sultan of Brunei” bought the real one! And for all you RR Lovers, relax, this vehicle turns Heads all the time, for under $20,000.00 you can have the Millionaire look.” -More pics after the jump Link: eBay