Detroit Show: 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 240 HP – Low Cost EVO X!

Without doubt, the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart is one of the most anticipated cars of the year for all us nutty gearheads with a limited budget in our hands. If Mitsubishi plays its cards right in terms of pricing when sales start in the US this summer, the Lancer Ralliart has the potential to become an instant success. Heck, if it’s good we’d even call it the.. ECO X!

The Ralliart is practically a toned down version of the new EVO X. Not only is it powered by the same new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine (detuned however to develop 240 HP), but it is also matted to the EVO X’s Twin Clutch SST automated manual transmission and it features a full-time 4WD driveline with Mitsubishi’s Active Center Differential (ACD). Design-wise, the Lancer Ralliart is distinguished by the new front bumper design, rear air dam, dual mufflers and an intake in the lightweight aluminum engine hood that delivers cooling air to the turbocharger. Thanks for the tip Matthias! Details and pics after the jump Scroll Down For The Press ReleasePress Release: 2009 Lancer Ralliart The Lancer Ralliart model is the latest addition to the sporty Lancer compact car family. This new model reinforces the sporty identity of the Lancer lineup (Lancer, Lancer Ralliart and Lancer Evolution) with aggressive styling and driving performance to be well positioned between the Lancer and the Lancer Evolution models. Lancer Ralliart is powered by a new 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC intercooled and turbocharged engine that develops an estimated 240 horsepower. The engine is mated to Mitsubishi’s Twin Clutch-SST gearbox that delivers highly-efficient power transmission while enhancing the sporty driving qualities of the vehicle with lightning-quick, silky-smooth, paddle-actuated shifts or programmed fully-auto modes. The Lancer Ralliart’s full-time 4WD driveline features Mitsubishi’s Active Center Differential (ACD). The ACD unit employs an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch center differential, vectoring drive torque to the front and rear according to different driving conditions to realize the best balance between steering response and traction characteristics on Tarmac, Gravel, or Snow surfaces. Lancer Ralliart is also equipped with a front helical and rear mechanical limited slip differentials. The Lancer Ralliart exterior is distinguished by its more aggressively styled front bumper design, rear bumper cover, dual outlet muffler and a lightweight aluminum, ducted hood that delivers cooling air to the turbocharger. The interior design places greater emphasis on function and vehicle control. Lancer Ralliart is equipped with FAST key, hands free telephone interface, the same Twin Clutch-SST shifter used on Lancer Evolution, and easily accessible steering column mounted paddle shifters. Available equipment and options to include: Recaro seats, HID headlights, 650 watt Rockford Fosgate 9-speaker audio system, Sirius satellite radio, power sunroof, and a 30 GB Hard Drive Navigation system Also on display, the Galant GTO R73-X show car, the Lancer EX2000 Turbo and the all-new 2008 Lancer Evolution complement the full-line up of Mitsubishi vehicles for North America. Lancer Ralliart specifications Overall length (mm) – 4,570 Overall width (mm) – 1,760 Overall height (mm) – 1,490 Wheelbase (mm) – 2,635 F/R track (mm) – 1,530 / 1,530 Occupants – 5 Engine – 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC with intercooler/turbocharger Max. output – 177 kW (240 PS) Max torque. – 343 Nm (35 kg-m) Driveline – Full-time 4WD (with ACD) Transmission – Twin Clutch SST Tires – 215/45R18