James Bond Aston Martin Vanquish V12 Replica – Based On Ford Mustang

Be honest now; if someone didn’t tell you otherwise, would it ever cross your mind that the car you’re looking at the pictures is actually based on the fourth generation Ford Mustang, and in particular, the 2000 – 2003 model? It never passed our mind! The replica of the Aston Martin Vanquish V12 that stared in the James Bond movie, “Die Another Day”, is made by a Canadian company called Exclusive Motors. Apart from the 34 piece composite body, Exclusive Motors stretches the Ford Mustang’s wheelbase and widens the cars tracks while the interior is fully rebuilt. The Canadian company is also working on a “Spy Package” that will be available shortly. The package adds a set of guns coming out of the hood, and rockets in the front grill for a more “007” style. -Details and imageafter the jump Release From Exclusive Motors: Philosophy Behind the Car We as a company that makes specialty cars, wanted to create a new car that nobody else produced. We wanted to make a limited run, with a timeless look, that thirty years from now will still be considered good looking; Somewhat like the Cobra. We wanted great horse power, and great aftermarket upgrades. We wanted a car with all the options: power brakes, power windows, power steering, power driver seat, power locks, navigation, leather seats, you can even ask for a super charger that makes the car 0 to 60, as fast the original car. We wanted to start with a great donor car, a car that would help us keep our prices down. We needed a car that would lend itself to its new styling. The car needed to be part of the Aston Martin family. The Ford 2000-2003 Mustang was perfect for this. This helps with the “Pinto Effect”, as explained on the Pricing page. We took the Ford Mustang and lengthened the wheel base. This was done when we created the new suspension. At the same time, we widened the track, as well as lowered the car. With the use of KW Suspension components, we created a great driving grand touring car. Now with using the Ford Mustang, what it also enabled us to do, was create a car that had very low and inexpensive maintenance, as well as low insurance costs. For example, the Aston Martin Vanquish runs very hot. Hot enough that Aston Martin requires the use of their own spark plugs. This can only be bought at Aston Martin for $60 each. And these are changed quite a few times. If you were driving across the United States, and got stuck in Montana off the highway, you might have a problem. Whereas the Ford Mustang, you can go into any parts store across the United States and get a spark plug. Did you know that most cars that are bought new, within a period of five years, that 50%-80% depreciated is lost on a vehicle. That is a lot of money. Our car, five years from now, will still hold most of its current value, because of its uniqueness.
The Building Process

In this project, it was decided to have ten different companies build this car. What this did, was allow each company to add their unique talents and commitments. Allow us to show the different steps: 1 A company takes care of purchasing the right donor car. From background information, mileage, wear-and-tear, damage, correct paper work, and the right location. 2 The next company strips all the necessary parts, makes all the required chassis changes, installs all the suspension components, and does a full mechanical inspection. 3 A company here builds us grills, door handles, hinges, brackets, that are crafted and designed for our project. 4 In this step, two individual companies produce the 34 piece composite body. This is done in a hand lay-up and also a resin transfer method. All the best materials are used to allow us to put on such a beautiful paint job. 5 Even though part of the Ford Mustang door is used, a full door buildup is done. 6 This step is done by us. We take care of the assembly of the complete body. From headlights, grills, exhaust, and partial interior pieces. We make sure that the car has the right fit. 7 Another company then assembles the complete interior. 8 At this point the car is sent out to the paint shop. The car is then painted in a basecoat clear coat Glasurit paint. It is then hand sanded and polished to perfection. Also, a number of interior parts are painted. 9 The interior is then sent out to our master upholsterer, where it is finished in the right leathers and materials. 10 In this step, we have a unique company that makes hand made automotive glass. A little thicker glass and laminate gives us better sound quality inside the car. 11 This is the part we enjoy the most. Yes, the car has to be tested. At the point we are satisfied, the car is detailed, ready for delivery. Link: Exclusive Motors