Shuanghuan Noble: Chinese Smart Fortwo’s Motto is “Smarter Than The Rest…”

The Chinese clone of the Smart Fortwo, the Shuanghuan Noble has kicked off its insolent career in several European countries, including Greece, where we got these pictures from. Unless you’re working for Shuanghuan, there’s no need for us to tell you that the Noble is a near perfect copy of the first generation Smart Fortwo – in and out. But what really took us by surprise is the motto that the importer chose to promote the Noble: “Smarter than the rest.” Jeez; as if importing the Chinese clone wasn’t provocative enough, these guys are totally rubbing it in the face of Smart’s parent company, Daimler! On the other hand, with prices set in Greece at €8,880 / $12,937 for the “flirt” version, €9,880 / $14,935 for the “smile” and €11,880 / $17,307 for the “plus”, we’re guessing that Smart might have a chuckle or two on its way to court… -High-res images after the jump

  • Jon

    this is the same company that ripped off BMW’s X5…