Smart Releases Picture Book Promoting Greener Modes of Transport

The maker of the miniscule Fortwo announced today that it will present a new book called “sideways. a smart art project” that addresses environmental issues through art. The book includes work by 100 international artists and creative minds from the fields of photography, illustration, graphic design, painting, sculpture, architecture, styling, hairstyling and make-up over. According to Smart, the anthology provides an aesthetic cross-section of modern-day pop culture and making creative statements about how we can promote greener modes of transportation. We must admit however that we fail to see the connection in the picture we “randomly” chose (and cropped accordingly…) to open the article. -Continued “sideways. a smart art project” will be presented officially at its U.S. launch on March 19 in New York and will subsequently be available in bookshops at €29.90 or approx $45.50 per copy.