Ferrari Threatens to Take Legal Actions Against 360 Modena Limo Owner

Ferrari can be pretty anal when it comes to modifying its cars or even using its badges on a vehicle other than its own. Now the Italian supercar-maker is threatening to take legal actions against the British owner of the world’s fastest limousine, a modified 360 Modena that can go up a top speed of 166mph – 267 km/h. According to reports, Dan Cawley, 36, of Cheadle, Manchester, has 14 days to remove all prancing horse badges, Ferrari names and “360 Modena” symbols from the 6m (20ft) supercar-limo. “What kind of precedent does it set when you can’t do what you like with your own property?” asked Mr Cawley. Ferrari’s lawyers support that since Mr Cawley cut the 360 Modena in half and inserted a 3m (9.5ft) section of hand-built carbon fibre, the car is no longer a Ferrari, so he has to remove the badges and logos or else he’ll face legal action for infringing the Ferrari trademark. Thanks for the tip Michelle! – Via: Times

  • Infinite1

    I think cutting a Ferrari in half and making into a limo is sacrilegious, especially something like a 360 Modena. But that’s just my opinion and it’s his car, he can do and should do whatever it is that he wants despite what others (including myself) and Ferrari, thinks about it.

    Reasons why Deadmau5 got rid of his 458 Spider because he wrapped it and called it a “Purrari” of which, Ferrari sent him a ceast and desist letter stating to return it back to factory form or else they will take legal action. He returned it to factory, got rid of it, and bought a McLaren 650S. So who really won? Not Ferrari since they lost a customer and potential customers.

    But the thing is, Ferrari will always have customers: lose one, gain another so I doubt they care

  • TB

    The guy paid for the car…it’s not a rental or on some sort of lease. While Ferrari is the manufacture they should have zero say (Actually any auto maker should have zero say) on what a consumer does to a car they purchased.

    I think Ferrari is being a bit ridiculous.

  • its been almost 10 years since then. wonder what happened with this car…

  • S3XY


  • Dennis James

    He should raise the court money with a crowdfunding campaign. I would donate $5. I am curious about the legal result of such a dispute.

    • This was 9 years ago, weirdly.

  • Bob White

    What an arrogant company. He can install a toilet on the roof and shit in it if he wants.

  • Bob White

    I would put bigger badges and cover the car with a wrap with massive Ferrari logos.

  • nastinupe

    Anyone know what happened with this case? Just wondering.