Geneva: 2009 Ford Fiesta 5-door

Along with the 3-door Fiesta pictures of which we first saw a few weeks ago (click here for images and details), Ford also revealed the 5-door variant of its all-new compact hatch at the Geneva Motor Show today. Without degrading the Fiesta’s unique styling, the extra-two doors promise to offer improved practicality and functionality compared to the 3door hatch. Both versions of the new 2009 Fiesta are set to on Sale in Europe this fall. Power will come from a total of five engines, thee petrol; 1.25-litre (60 and 80 PS), 1.4-litre (91 PS) and 1.6-litre (115 PS), and two diesel units; 1.4-litre (68 PS) and 1.6-litre (90 PS). (Pic edited by Carscoop) –Images after the jump