Update: BMW M1 “Prototype” Photoshop Based on M3 E92

As we told you earlier today (see here), the BMW M1 Prototype that took the net by surprise was just a photoshop exercise. Thanks to a few Carscoop readers, we also know the source; a Spanish artist who goes by the nickname “H0SS” posted the chop on the “Forocoches” forum. As you can see in the pictures we added, “H0SS” created the M1 Prototype by morphing a white BMW M3 E92 and adding among other things, a set of Alfa Romeo Brera headlights. Though we weren’t fooled by the chop, we’ll give our kudos to the young Spanish artist for an excellent job and we hope to see more projects from him in the near future. Now, as for the site that aroused the “M1” story, we’re completely stunned by the fact that no one took the time to check out a few stories listed on the first page; that site copy-pastes articles from Carscoop, Autoblog.com, eGMcartech, Autocar, Cnet etc. All we have to say about this is that, where you find a story is of equal –if not more- importance as the story itself. Link: Forocoches – Thanks to everyone who tipped us!