Volvo XC70 Pickup Truck Spotted Outside Volvo’s Museum!

A watchful reader over at our Swedish pals at “Bilfeber” scooped these pictures of two Volvo pickup trucks parked in front of the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. While the six-wheeler XC90 LWB pickup truck is something we’ve seen before, the XC70 “El Camino” is a first –if you’ve seen it anywhere else, feel free to drop us a line. From what we managed to find out, both of these cars seem to be the work of a Swedish coachbuilder called “Dalbo Fordonsteknik”. Call us weird, but we found the XC70 AWD El Camino’s design somewhat appealing. Maybe FoMoCo should look into building this one itself. What do you think? –More pics after the jump

Via: Bilfeber