2009 Ford Focus RS Images: Are they the real deal?

These images featuring the highly anticipated Euro market 2009 Ford Focus RS made their way into the internet today, and talk is that they are official. Our take is that the pictures have definitely been photoshoped and to be specific, all images feature a cropped stationary Ford Focus RS enhanced with spinning alloys and… motionless tires. Plus, apart from the fact that there’s no driver in any picture, the Focus RS’ puny green color seems to be the result of someone fiddling around with the hue/saturation settings on Photoshop. However, we must say that the artist did a pretty convincing job with the Focus RS itself. As for the real Focus RS, Ford has already announced that it will unveil a pre-production study of the model this year prior to hot hatch’s market debut in early 2009. From what we’ve heard, the concept will most probably make its premiere at the forthcoming London Auto Show on July 23. –More pics after the jump