Ahoy! VW Touareg “North Sails” Study

Just in time for summer, VW has unveiled a one-off study inspired from the world of sailing boats. Created in cooperation with North Sails, the Touareg study will be shown to the public for the first time at the “Travemünder Woche” which is the second largest annual sailboat race in Germany. “North Sails” decals aside, the one-off Touareg is distinguished on the outside by the sea-blue colored turning lights and reflectors, the 19-inch alloy wheels and the pin stripes on the lower part of the doors. -Continued Inside, the Touareg North Sails study boasts illuminated teak wood flooring, white leather seats and door inserts with aqua color stitching, a special bike (don’t ask why) and a set of binoculars in case you get carried away in sea. Fortunately, VW has no intention of putting the Touareg study into production.