Datsun XLink Concept: Compact 4Door-Coupe-Crossover Hybrid Study

In today’s automotive world where cross segment models are more the norm rather than the exception, a compact sized car that combines elements from sedans, hatchbacks, coupes and SUVs sounds like a good idea. The problem with cross segment models is that most vehicles of this sort have messed up proportions. Luckily that’s not the case with the Datsun XLink study that was developed at Nissan Yulon Design Center by Pforzheim University student Benjamin Nawka. The German car design student’s goal with the XLink was to interpret a possible re-introduction of Nissan’s Datsun brand, with the first C-segment four-door coupe crossover. According to Benjamin’s thesis, the XLink can seat four passengers, has a 380 liter trunk and is powered by a Two-Mode Diesel Hybrid. The car’s design is inspired by aircraft -hence the front and rear winglets- and architecture. Another feature of the XLink is the height adjustable chassis that allows the driver to convert the car into a crossover with a touch of a button. -Continued If it were to enter production today, Benjamin says that the Datsun XLink would compete against brands like Scion, Mini and Alfa Romeo. While we’d have to disagree with the re-introduction of the Datsun brand into the automotive scene, the XLink sounds like a pretty good idea overall. Maybe someone at Nissan should take a closer look at this concept.

Image Courtesy: Benjamin Nawka , Via: Carbodydesign