2009 Geneva Motor Show's Emotional Poster

A woman dressed in red forming the shape of a heart with her hands is the central theme of the 2009 Geneva Motorshow’s official poster that will be used for communication purposes to promote the next edition of the Swiss auto salon. According to the organizers, the color red expresses passion in the world of automobiles while the heart represents the attraction visitors feel for the show. If by any rare chance you’re not satisfied with our description and you don’t have anything else to do with your time (come on, you must have something), hit the jump to read the official statement from the creators of this poster, the Polyconsult agency from Bern. -Continued
“For many people, an automobile is now much more than a means of transportation. It has become a loyal friend who accompanies us daily and to whom we grow attached over time. Therefore, for many a visit to the Geneva Motor Show can mark the beginning of a new love affair – and possibly love at first sight! The 2009 poster pursues this idea and illustrates the emotional attachment between car and driver, a sentiment that has not changed even in the era of the iPhone and the Internet”