Custom Made BMW 850i Convertible up for Sale

Even though it may have crossed the minds of BMW officials at some point, the Bavarian automaker never actually built a convertible version of the 8-Series Coupe. But when there’s a will (aka; plenty of cash), there’s a way. Erik Williams, a former American football offensive tackle in NFL who played most of his career with the Dallas Cowboys, is (or rather was) the original owner of this custom made 1991 BMW 850i Convertible that is up for sale now by a Texas dealer located in New Braunfels.
In terms of styling, we would have anticipated a higher level of workmanship as the fine details are not up to standards. Not that it’s unacceptable, but all those visible rivets seem out of place in a high-end GT like the 850i. In any case, if you’re interested, the V12-powered 8-Series Convertible could be yours for $25,900.

Link: Automaniacs

  • wim wam wazzle

    You know why they didn’t make a convertible version of the 850i? It’s because there are no b pillars, instead the roof acts as part of the structural support. I feel bad for the poor guy that bought it (at a ridiculous price I’m sure) only to have it snap in half over a speed bump, or twist like a pretzel when taking a turn a little too vigorously. But I’m sure whoever did buy it loaded it on a flatbed, rolled it into a garage and the wheels haven’t spun since.