Original 1965 Lamborghini Miura Turin Salon Chassis Found by Collectors

A one-off 1965 Turin Salon Lamborghini Miura chassis equipped with the Italian company’s first-ever transverse mid-mounted V12 engine (0293) has resurfaced thanks to the discovery of a group of unnamed, Los Angeles based, collectors. The historic chassis that was designed by Gian Paolo Dallara, represents the very first mid-engined supercar theme for all marques. The show chassis had been stored for the past 30 years in Cyprus by the country’s original Lamborghini concessionaire, Marios Kritikos, who had acquired the historic unit in April 1978.
The original invoice for the chassis survives together with unpublished period photographs of the chassis being built in 1965, on display at the December, 1965 Turin Salon, and at the Lamborghini factory in July, 1966. Mr. Kritikos documented his collection of the car on April 7th, 1978.
A month after its discovery and sale to the LA collectors, the one-off chassis has been imported to the US and now resides in the restoration facility of Miura specialist Gary Bobileff, where it will undergo a complete refurbishment to bring it to its former show glory. According to Lamborghini, the chassis will make its USA debut in the summer of 2009.