GM Pulls Out Camaro Youtube Videos Starring the Bumblebee Boys in Briefs

We’re feeling kind of lame for missing out on the videos, but here’s the story in brief – no pun intended. The USA Today reported that General Motors ordered Youtube to remove a string of videos starring the so-called “Bumblebee Boys in Briefs”. The footage, which was created in conjunction with GM’s recent “Chevrolet Gay Day at the Movies” Los Angeles gig for the latest Transformers film, featured a couple of boys that like boys in yellow underwear bathing a new Camaro.
General Motors spokesman Dave Barthmuss told the USA Today that “the video was not appropriate and not in good taste” adding that the firm’s executives decided that the “batch of vignettes was not the way we wanted to represent the brand to the general public”.
Strangely enough, and even though the videos were up on Youtube well before the June 28 event in LA, Barthmuss said that he hadn’t seen the footage up until now.
Understandably, since we haven’t seen the videos with the “go-go boys” and the Camaro, we can’t possibly comment on the story – at least not in a serious way.
Via: USA Today