Benero: Would You Believe that this $600,000 Coachbuilt Special is Based on the Audi S5 Coupe?

Every so often we stumbled upon a creation like the Benero sports coupe pictured here that’s a completely unknown quantity. In spite of our ‘googling’ efforts, we didn’t find anything official on the car. However, according to the folks that sent these photos over to our friends at Autogespot, it is claimed that the Benero is a special coachbuilt model powered by a 4.2-liter supercharged V8 engine tweaked by German tuning firm MTM to produce an output of 525HP.
Despite the lack of official information and even though it is not obvious from the vehicle’s exterior appearance, the Benero’s interior and the engine specs can’t hide the fact that it is based on the Audi S5 coupe.
It is said that the Benero will be produced in limited number of 50 units priced at a staggering €400,000 or close to $600,000 US a piece. If any of you have more information on the coachbuilt special don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.
Via: Autogespot

  • Moto Head

    While the car was a bit expensive, which it is bound to be being a custom job, the point being missed by everyone here is the quality workmanship! (design is subjective) Run this by one the American custom shops which aren’t even gonna use bespoke parts, are actually gonna hand you a rattlebox and you’ll still look at a similar sticker price. Mind you, the key phrase is ‘bespoke (nearly extinct) craftsmanship.’ Any loose comment from someone whose experience involves tele car shows loaded on beer isn’t gonna give a shit, obviously.