EAS Tricks Out BMW 7-Series with Original M-Sport Parts

At the Frankfurt Motor Show this past September, BMW launched a new M Sport package for its latest generation 7-Series sedan. While this sport kit is now available for anyone that orders a new 7er in the U.S., those that already own the car may want to take at this proposal from European Auto Source (EAS). The California-based parts distributor has unveiled its take on the flagship bimmer using various OEM parts.
These include an M-Sport front bumper with matte black trimming, BMW Style 312 21-inch alloy wheels finished in matte black, a rear diffuser, body-colored door handles and trunk trim, and matte black finish for the front kidney grille and side trim.
Not bad overall, though we wish somebody would do something -anything- about those oversized kidney grilles that look completely out of place. As matter of fact, here’s an express-chop (it was done in a few minutes so don’t expect a high-quality job…) on how the 7er would look like with smaller sized kidney grilles.
Source: Bmwblog and EAS