Prodrive Launches New Subaru Impreza Group N Rally Car

Longtime Subaru specialist, Prodrive, has unveiled the Impreza N2010 rally car that complies with the Group N regulations. The five-door hathcback comes with a bevy of mechanical and chassis upgrades including a larger 33mm air restrictor, high flow fuel injectors and recalibrated ECU that help increase the 2.0-liter boxer engine’s output by 20 horsepower and strengthened suspension that employs revised Ohlins dampers with extra travel front and rear.

“The engine and suspension changes make the N2010 far more competitive,” said Graham Prew, Prodrive sales manager.

“On gravel the Impreza is certainly a match for any Super 2000, but it is on tarmac, that the additional engine performance will really come into its own and make the N2010 a competitive alternative to a Super 2000, but at about half the price and with significantly lower running costs,” Prew concluded.

Pricing for the Impreza N2010 starts at £120,000 or about US$196,000 / €136,500 at today’s exchange rates.

For the first time Prodrive also offers buyers an alternative financing option to lease the Impreza for a period of two years with the option to buy the rally-prepped car at the end of the agreement.

N2010 specification


Flat 4-cylinder boxer:

Capacity: 1994 cc

Bore: 92.0 mm

Stroke: 75.0 mm

Turbo charger:

IHI twin scroll with new design regulation 33 mm restrictor with new roller bearing.


Spark plugs: BRISK

Lightweight battery: Odyssey

Controllers and displays:

Engine: Prodrive-Pectel programmable with removable data storage card.

Centre diff: Prodrive-Pectel programmable fully CAN compliant with selectable diff maps.

Driver’s screen: GEMS CD25 5.5″ colour VGA screen with multiple pages including engine, transmission and steering information. Increased integration of control systems and co-driver’s screen.


Hi-flow motorsport catalyst with silencer options available in stainless or titanium.

Fuel system

FIA approved FT3-99 95 litre safety tank centrally mounted under floor.


Gearbox: Prodrive-Hewland five-speed manual dog engagement with revised gear linkage and 2-stage shift light.

Front diff: Plated limited slip

Centre diff: Electro mechanical locking

Rear diff: Plated limited slip


STI, 240 mm six paddle competition, single plate homologated STI cover.

Roll cage

Prodrive manufactured rollcage to FIA compliant MSA homologated.


Revised Öhlins dampers with improved travel, strengthened rear cross-member high performance uprated suspension bushes.

Front: Prodrive-Öhlins TPX 44 MacPherson strut, three-way adjustable with front hydraulic bump stop.

Rear: Prodrive-Öhlins TTX 44 coil-over damper, three-way adjustable on multi-link rear suspension.


Power assisted quickrack (13:1) for left and right hand drive.

PAS cooler (optional)

Wheels: Speedline or Work

Tarmac: 18″ x 8″ or 17″ x 8″

Gravel: 15″ x 7″

Snow: 16″ x 5.5″

Brakes: AP Racing

Tarmac: front: four-piston 355 mm rear: two-piston 285 mm

Gravel: front: four-piston 295 mm rear: two-piston 285 mm

Handbrake: WRC style vertical lever using STI/AP homologated piston.


Front track: 1,550 mm

Rear track: 1,540 mm

Length: 4,415 mm

Weight: 1,350 kg

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