Scottish Police Turn Crime Gang's Audi Q7 S-Line to a Patrol Car

As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. A £40,000 black Audi Q7 TDI S-Line seized from a criminal gang in the north of Glasgow will now be used as a patrol car by Strathclyde Police, Scotland’s largest police force, and one of the biggest in the United Kingdom, in its fight against organized crime.
This is the very first time that the specific police department makes use of a confiscated vehicle for its own benefit.
“This is a first for Strathclyde Police, but it certainly won’t be the last,” said Assistant Chief Constable John Neilson in a prepared statement.
“As you can clearly see, we are proactively seizing your assets. I would say to the criminals that what you have this week; your houses, your cars – you might not have next week. The hard working, law abiding citizens need to know that we are hurting those involved in serious and organised crime where it matters – their pockets.”
The seized Audi Q7 TDI has been decked out in the police force’s livery and is currently being used by the department’s Gangs Task Force.
According to Strathclyde Police, after a couple of months, the car will be sold and the proceeds put back into policing and the local community.
Via: Strathclyde Police and BBC