Hotted Up Nissan Infiniti G37 Coupe Performance Model Snagged?

Our friends over at Worldcarfans managed to get their hands on a set of photos of what they believe could be the long-rumored performance version of the Infiniti G37. The pictures, shot by a Mark Margulies, show a body-kitted G37 Coupe with new dark rims and beefy tail pipes.
The car, which had all of its badges and logos masked off, was caught alongside several truck haulers packed with Nissan and Infiniti models. However, since the body kit on the G37 here looks awfully similar to the five-piece aero package offered from June 2010 on all G coupes (see photo below), we’re not quite ready to call this one a scoop – at least not just yet.
Source: WFC , Photo: Mark Margulies / Flickr