For The Man Who Has Everything: Ferrari Racing Helmet

You would think a company that sells US$200,000+ supercars would have no need to hawk merchandise, but apparently not. Along with the expected assortment of watches, polo shirts and key rings is this US$331.40 racing helmet. You’re sure to look dapper when cruising around in your dilapidated ’89 Mondial cabriolet 250 Testa Rossa in this fine helmet made of satin-finish aluminium, metalised thermoplastic and genuine leather.

It comes in both black and “gray” (its tan if you ask me, but I guess Ferrari’s website knows best) and is sure to go great with your US$764.75 vintage-look leather jacket and US$426.70 jumbo watch. And it’s embossed with the Ferrari logo, so all your friends will be intensely jealous and no longer mock your 1:18 scale F1 collection. Check out our gallery below.

By Tristan Hankins

Link: Ferrari Store


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