Daimler Puts a Third Option on the Table: Turn Maybach into a Sub-Brand for Mercedes

The future of the ailing Maybach brand will be decided, according to reports, until the end of July. Up until now, the German firm’s parent company, Daimler, was faced with two options: either axe the brand entirely, or work with another carmaker, preferably Aston Martin, to share the development and manufacturing costs to the successors of to its not-so-well received uber-sedans. Now, according to Automotive News, it seems that a third option is on the table: that Maybach will become a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz. Following the example of AMG, which is responsible for the sportiest versions of Mercedes’ models, the Maybach label may be applied to the more luxurious versions of the brand’s premium models such as the S-Class, the CL and the GL. If the brand is not killed off and either of the two aforementioned proposals is chosen, it is possible that we will see a concept model as early as the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.