French Car Rental Firms Cry Foul Over Government-Funded EV Rental Scheme in Paris

The Parisian government’s self-hire electric car program Autolib’ is staring down a legal challenge from the nation’s more traditional car rental agencies, among them Avis and Hertz. According to British daily newspaper The Independent, these “self serve” Bollore EVs cost as little as €5 (£4.40) for a 30 minute journey and are modeled on the French capital’s highly successful Vélib’ bike hire operation. Some 700 four-seat Autolib’ vehicles will be rolled out from December of this year, offering green motoring for both residents and tourists alike. The Italian-built four seaters come with a 250 km battery range, radio and GPS navigation system. The rental giants have accused the government of their nation’s capital of subsiding unfair, public competition to their own fleets of non-electric vehicles. An administrative tribunal must now decide whether or not the scheme, in its current form at least, should be abolished. Carscoop will remain abreast of this situation as it develops. By Tristan Hankins _______________________________________________________________________