Coach One: President Obama Gets New $1.1 Million Super Bus

President Obama has a new addition to his means of transportation that already includes the Cadillac Presidential Limousine, the VC-25A (aka Boeing 747-200) Air Force One Jumbo jet and the Marine One VH3-D Sea King or the newer, Blackhawk-based VH-60N “Nighthawk” helicopters. It’s a big black coach built by Nashville, Tennessee-based Hemphill Brothers and is fitted with the latest technology in security and communications, though both the company and the Secret Service wouldn’t divulge any specific info. According to the White House, the bus costs $1.1 million and “allows the president to visit real people in real places that wouldn’t otherwise be easily accessible”. So what’s the call sign for this one? Could it be “Coach One”? And will Hollywood make a Harrison Ford-starring, “Speed”-like movie? We’re just kidding – but if it happens, you read it here first… You can watch the video after the jump. Story sources: ABC News & Youtube