Half-Naked Man Crashes New Chevy Camaro in Brazil, gets Locked inside… [Video]

In one of the weirdest car accidents of the year so far, a young man wearing only a t-shirt crashed his new Chevrolet Camaro in a park located at Sao Bernardo do Campo in São Paulo, Brazil. According to the local media, the unnamed man who happens to be the son of an influential businessman, was found locked inside the Camaro coupe intoxicated with a bottle of whiskey on his side but luckily, unhurt. Brazilian new sites said that the young man has a history of accidents including one in 2007 when he smashed his father’s Ferrari F430 and if that wasn’t enough, he punched one of the cameramen who were recording the story at the time. Watch the Camaro incident in the videos below. Story sources: G1 & R7