Video: Chevrolet Camaro Side Airbags Deploy While Drifting and Without an Accident!

Airbags are made to deploy when a vehicle is involved in a crash, usually when the car is travelling over a certain speed and it comes to abrupt halt be that because it collided or was hit by another vehicle, and in some cases, due to a roll over. That said, airbags are not meant to open without an accident of some sort. At least that’s the theory because according to this Youtube video, the side airbags on this latest generation Chevrolet Camaro deployed without an accident while driver Paul Beiswenger was drifting the car at the Milan Dragway in Michigan. While Beiswenger was unhurt, the Youtube poster noted that his co-driver suffered some burns on her right arm. We don’t know all the details surrounding this specific mishap to pass a judgment, but as noted by a member of the Camaro5 forums, a similar incident involving a new Camaro occurred in Quebec, Canada, last fall. According to the Sympatic Autos Teams, editor Antoine Joubert was driving the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS over at the oval track at Sanai when the side airbags suddenly deployed without any cause. “I was at the wheel of the Camaro at a speed of 130-140 km/h on the oval track at Sanair when suddenly, for no apparent reason, the side curtain airbags deployed!” said, Antoine Joubert. “I was driving in a straight line, at a constant speed, on the pavement. The electronic stability control wasn’t disabled and the car had no mechanical problems.” We’ll try to find out more details about the incident and keep you posted on any updates. Story Source: Youtube