Meet the Journalist who Crashed the €387,000 Lamborghini Aventador

Unless you are from Austria or Germany, there’s a good chance you may not have heard of Thomas Glavinic before; he is a writer that also happens to collaborate with Autorevue, an Austrian car magazine. But that’s about the change because Mr. Glavinic had the unfortunate fate of being the first person to go on record for crashing Lamborghini’s astonishing Aventador LP 700-4. Carscoop regulars will undoubtedly remember our report on the incident a few weeks ago, though at the time we didn’t have many details on the crash other than it occurred in Italy on August 30. Today, however, the crew over at Autoreview decided it was time to confess their doings and reveal that the man behind the steering wheel was one of their own, Thomas Glavinic. If our translation of the Austrian article stands correct, Glavinic was getting ready to overtake a large lorry when it suddenly turned left. The Aventador then hit the truck and ended up in a ditch hitting a metal pole. Luckily, no one was hurt. Editor in Chief, Mr. Christian Kornherr, recalls the phone call he received from Glavinic: Thomas Glavinic: “Christian, I’ve wrecked the Lambo” Christian Kornherr: “Real funny” Thomas Glavinic: “No, believe me” At which point we’ll assume Mr. Kornherr’s face turned all colors of the rainbow… If by any chance you’re located in Austria or if you can get a hold of the latest issue of Autoreview magazine, you’ll be happy to know that the incident is reported and photographed extensively.
[Update: Raphael, our tipster from Vienna tells us that Thomas Glavinic is an Austrian writer and that Autorevue asked him to help out in their annual “supercar supertest”]
Danke schön to Raphael G. for the tip!
[Story and Photo source: Autoreview ]