BMW Singapore Pulls a Performance Prank on 1-Series Coupe Owner [Video]

In one of the more intriguing marketing stunts we’ve seen of late, BMW of Singapore has launched a part-promotional, part-prank project entitled “Switch”. The Bavarian automaker describes the gig thusly: “The BMW Switch is a fun collaborative project between the public and BMW Asia to switch unsuspecting BMW drivers’ current cars with a similar model that has been enhanced with original BMW Performance Accessories.” In the first episode launched, the accomplice is a woman aptly named J. while the victim, who is the owner of a standard BMW 1-Series Coupe, is a young female simply referred to as K. When K. parks her car in a garage and steps out for an appointment, her friend snips the keys away and hands them over to a BMW crew that switch her vehicle with another 1-Series Coupe in the same color but enhanced with BMW Performance Power Kit and Silencer System. To increase the drama, they park the powered-up 1-Series Coupe in a different spot and record the owner’s reaction upon firing up the engine. Watch the first episode in the video after the break.