Christmas Day Hail Storm Damages More than 10,000 Cars in Melbourne, Australia

Several Melbourne car owners may be experiencing the holiday blues these days – the reason being the severe hail storms that hit the capital of Victoria on Christmas Day, causing damage to thousands of buildings and vehicles. Insurers are bracing themselves up for the claims that will follow, with the Insurance Council of Australia declaring the event a catastrophe. Up until now, insurers have received 15,000 claims, 10,000 of which were for cars, according to Go Auto. They also estimate that, since many city dwellers were or still are on vacation, this number will surely grow once they return and discover the smashed glasses and battered bodywork of their vehicles. “It is still too early to provide an accurate estimate of losses”, said Insurance Council CEO Rob Whelan. “On December 27 and 28 alone, insurance companies have received more than 15,000 claims”, he added. This is the second time in two years that Melbourne has been hit by a hailstorm. The first was in March 2010, although according to first estimates, this year’s damages are less severe.
Photo and Video Credits: 7 News