Must See: Slot Car Tracks Out of this World and Out of Our…Price Range

Some gifted people have a knack for turning the simplest of things into works of art. Like David Beattie, the founder and owner of Slot Mods USA, who took a hobby and turned it into a six-figure business.Link The former auto show exhibit builder leads a team of artists that create some of the most realistic and staggering hand crafted raceways for slot cars that we have ever laid eyes on. The choices are endless ranging from vintage raceways to modern day circuits and even replicas of cars that open up to reveal a track like the Porsche 917 racer featured in the opening picture, which is built from fiberglass. Beattie’s museum-quality slot tracks are not only for commercial displays and attractions, but have also found their way into private hands including Ford Group Vice President Jim Farley (see video below) who ordered a replica of the Laguna Seca raceway. But just like anything else in this world, quality comes at a price with Beattie’s creations starting from around $15,000 and climbing to as much as $75,000. Story References & Photo Credits: Slot Mods , via