Bolivia's Death Road Claims Another Victim when Bus Plunges Over a Cliff [Video]

There’s a grim reason why Bolivia’s North Yungas road is more often referred to as the “Death Road”: it has been estimated that every year between 200 to 300 travelers die on the 70 kilometer (about 43 miles) stretch of road leading from La Paz to Coroico, with a fatal accident occurring approximately every two weeks. And sadly, the Death Road claimed another victim last week when a double decker bus plunged some 50 meters down a cliff after the road collapsed, possibly due to the heavy rainfall, according to the police report. The victim was the driver, who wisely attempted to make the dangerous passing only after all 50 passengers had cleared the double-decker bus. The terrifying incident was captured on film by one of the travelers, but be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted.

  • How scary ! I like to drive Yungas Road, Bolivia!

  • chaz

    it can not be paved… in the rainy season there are land slides that would destroy tarmac. Also, good luck getting the requisite machinery into the jungle of north Bolivia to build a proper road.

  • Rindaloo

    Frankly, I don’t like videos like this being passed around for comments from mean minded people or for amusement either. Someone’s son died and that isn’t entertainment.

  • Rindaloo
  • Johnny_Blackcock

    If I had a bus with 50 passengers I’d make sure it was equipped with 50 shovels.

  • Kris Meaney

    Okay, why was the guy aiming for his feet & filming the ground whle the bus took the plunge. He had the camera nicly aimed for the bus, the whole time- except foor the moment the bus took the plunge….. That is really really lame. . . And what are they going to do with a bus, pull the bus up from 500ft down the cliff, with what, maybe a dozen guys and a bunch of women and children??? WTF. I just dont get why this guy was filming the ground while this was happening!!!!!!!! That really pisses me off, cauase I want to see it happen- I am really curious what happened, because he looked like he was doing fine, had not plenty, but more than enough room….. Did the ground collapse?