So You Never Want to Leave Your Toyota Prius, do You?

If you are asking us whether someone has been creative with a ton of snow, the answer is no. If you are viewing this bizarre build from the side and wondering if this is some sort of humorous phallic statement, the answer once again is -you guessed it- no. So what in the blazes is it, we hear you ask? Well, it’s a Toyota Prius camper van conversion and it was unwrapped (or so to speak) at this weekend’s 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon with NAPAC. And no, we are not pulling your leg – it does exist and it’s available for order. It’s the wacky creation of Campinn, which specializes in these sort of builds. The transformation from going green to living in green involves the addition of a huge lump on top of the Prius, which is made entirely of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and increases the hybrid’s length to 4,980mm (196-in.) and height to 2,050mm (81.1-in.). Inside, there’s what the company describes as a living area that can be optionally fitted with retractable coffee table and/or a side sofa while doubling as a bed, and if someone happens to visit, there’s also as second bed on the…second floor. Did we mention that it also gets a back door? What will they think of next…