Ford Shows the Merits of the B-MAX's Pillarless Design

Another day, another round of photos of the new Ford B-MAX. This time, the Blue Oval enlisted the help of one of its European designers, Erika Tsubaki, to demonstrate the advantages of the hidden pillars and sliding doors when it comes to accessing the small MPV’s interior at its UK unveiling in London today. Ford managed to do away with the central pillars by reinforcing the rear-hinged doors, which are made of special ultra-high-strength steels providing up to five times the strength of conventional mild steel. The company says that the design allows for 1.5-metre (close to 5 feet) wide unobstructed openings on either side of the vehicle. Along with images of Tsubaki loading the car, we also have new pictures of the B-MAX from its brochure shoot out, all of which, you can check out after the jump. Ford’s entry into the small MPV segment will go on sale in Europe in September.