Hammer UTV Racer Comes to a Very Abrupt Stop [NSFW]

Just because you can go faster than other participants at some point in a race, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should (at least not always) because you might be in for a very nasty surprise as Matt Messer and his co-driver found out during the 2012 King Of The Hammers UTV race last week. Here’s what the man behind the camera wrote about the accident on YouTube: “Trail Gear driver Matt Messer can’t see in the dust and dives over a 10 foot cliff at 30 MPH and stops instantly. He is OK but co-driver severely damaged and may have broken both ankles. The car sustained mostly superficial damage other than a broken weld on the driver side lower front A-arm. The spare was held on with a tire strap and the impact ripped the stitching out of the material, allowing the tire to go free. Matt Messer said the Hans devices saved their lives.” You can watch the video after the break.