Tosh Meets up with Teen that Crashed his Dad's Brand New $60,000 Ford Mustang GT [NSFW]

The teenage boy that wrecked his father’s brand-new $60,000 Ford Mustang GT (equipped with an Eleanor Package) in 2006 by driving it through a garage only minutes after a salesperson brought the car to his house, has received his so-called “Web Redemption” on Daniel Tosh’s show on Comedy Central. If for whatever reason you missed the said episode but want to know the backstory of Joey’s highly publicized crash some six years after it happened, all you need to do is follow the break and watch the extended version in the video. Some points to take notice is that he was 14 years old at the time, the Mustang was fitted with a manual gearbox and that according to Joey, the accident cost around $30,000, which seems far too steep unless it includes the damages to the house as well.