Ferrari F12berlinetta Photos and Videos from the Geneva Motor Show

Different Ferraris for different tastes: that was the objective set in Maranello four years ago. And with the world premiere of the F12berlinetta at the 82ndGeneva Motor Show, the people at Maranello believe that they have accomplished their goal having replaced every single model in the brand’s range during said period.

Displayed in two new colors (Rosso Berlinetta and Aluminium), the V12-engined F12berlinetta is the most powerful as well as the fastest road model to ever roll out of the gates of Via Abertone Inferiore n.4.

The numbers speak for themselves: 730HP (740PS), 690Nm (508.9 lb-ft) of torque, 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 3.1 seconds and a 340 km/h+ (211mph+) top speed are proof enough that Ferrari’s claims are true.

We won’t bore you with recounting all the technical details. You can simply feast your eyes on the videos that follow right after the break.


Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-1Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-2Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-3Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-4Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-5Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-6Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-7Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-8Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-9Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-10Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-11Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-12Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-13Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-14Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-15Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-16Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-17Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-18Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-19Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-20Ferrari-F12Berlinetta-21Ferrari-F12berlinetta -2Ferrari-F12berlinetta -3Ferrari-F12berlinetta -4Ferrari-F12berlinetta -5Ferrari-F12berlinetta -6Ferrari-F12berlinetta -7Ferrari-F12berlinetta -8Ferrari-F12berlinetta -9Ferrari-F12berlinetta -10Ferrari-F12berlinetta -11Ferrari-F12berlinetta -12Ferrari-F12berlinetta -13Ferrari-F12berlinetta -14VIDEO

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