This 1994 Acura Integra Coupe Sports a 6.5-liter Big Block Chevy V8

The Acura Integra has always been a favorite among those looking for an affordable and zippy coupe that can be easily improved with aftermarket bits that are available in plentiful numbers on the market.

However, one owner moved from the traditional type of tuning to a more extreme solution that involved an engine swap, but not of the sort you would expect, as he replaced the standard four-cylinder unit with a massive 396 cubic inch (6.5-liter) Chevrolet Big Block V8.

As you can see from the pictures, the GM-sourced V8 took all the room under the bonnet and then some more…

The owner has put the car up for sale on eBay, with the highest bid being $19,000 at the time we posted this article. More pictures and the seller’s description of the car follow below.

eBay Seller’s Description:

“This is a rare opertunity for some one to own a one of a kind acura integra…ask me why am i selling??? Got to much stuff and something has to go…

It is a 396 big block Chevy with a bds 871 blower,edelbrock carbs,msd ignition,turbo 350 with a 3000 stall converter…has a full custon back half…comp engineering 9 inch with 410 gears, mini spool, strange axles, ladder bar set up with a pro stock three link..has boyd cottington custom built 18inch wheels, mickey thompson drag tires, 17 inch boyd cottington front wheels, has full coil overs in the front, every part has new ball joints and tie rod ends…has a mustang 2 front steering rack…

The interior has a full custom center consol and guage pods,4 point roll cage and custom carpet..all the wiring for the car is behind the dash msd box and coil and cars stock fuse box….has a cd payer with custom rear panels….

The integra is as clean as it gets….The car was built by my father and me at pro street unlimited in manchester nh…if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me.”



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