Acura Roadster Concept Featured in The Avengers Movie is Built on the First-Generation NSX

If it wasn’t for a new batch of photos posted by Edmunds, we would have probably never guessed that the unnamed Acura roadster model featured in the upcoming film ‘The Avengers’ is actually built around the first generation of Acura’s (Honda for the rest of the world) much lauded NSX coupe. Even though the exterior styling is very similar to the NSX Concept we saw in Detroit earlier this year, if you take a look at the extensive gallery, you’ll see that Tony Stark’s ride features the same exact interior and mid mounted V6 powerplant as the original NSX. We don’t know if the mileage is true, but the odometer on the instrument panel reads 252,149 miles (405,707 kilometers), a number that is impressive even by mainstream automobile standards, let alone for a mid-engined sports car.
To check out the picture gallery, head over to Edmunds by clicking this link.