U Spot: Nissan GT-R Station Wagon in Portugal

An estate model isn’t something most people would normally notice, unless it rides on huge wheels, sitting very low to the ground and features the front of a Nissan GT-R R35; that’s a combo bound to draw the attention of any petrolhead… One such model rightfully caught the eye of Carscoop reader Daniel Esteves, who snapped a couple of shots and sent them over our way. Daniel writes: “I spotted a Skyline GTR SW, in the parking lot of a shopping center, in Porto, Portugal, on the last day of Portuguese run of the WRC 2012. The license plate isn’t clear but seems British. It isn’t Portuguese, that’s for sure.” Well Daniel, this conversion seems to be similar to a GT-R R35 Station Wagon we saw at the Nagoya Auto Trend Show back in 2009, meaning someone most likely crafted the front end complete with the front fenders to a last generation JDM Nissan Stagea estate, which in original form, shares its gear with the Skyline sedan / Infiniti M35. We can’t know if the conversion is purely cosmetic or if the owner also dropped in the R35’s twin-turbocharged V6. Thanks to Daniel for sending in the images!