DIY: ‘DipYourCar’ and Wheels with Plastic Spray Paint

Temporarily changing the color of your entire car or certain parts of it is something that crosses the mind of most drivers at one point or the other, which explains the success of foil wraps. Still, this solution can be relatively costly going upwards of a couple of thousand dollars for a full wrap. A more economical solution for a purportedly easily applied and reversible paint job that seems to be gathering a bit of attention lately is “DipYourCar“. What we have here is essentially a plastic paint that is applied via a spray can or a dedicated spray gun. The team at DipYourCar says that if you rub on at least four or five coats on the car, the paint will last for a “very long time”, without clarifying what that means. All they note is they have seen wheels, grilles and other parts “dipped for over a year without having to be touched up”. On their website, they say that 2 gallons of paint should be enough for a regular sized sedan. The basic color options are black, white, blue, yellow, red monster green, firebelly orange, gunmetal grey, florescent purple and pink, though they can also whip you up a custom hue. Pricing for an 11oz can is $7 (€5.4) while professional kits that include a Wagner spray gun along with 2 gallons of paint, thinner, blue masking tape, washer and other items start at US$243 (€187) for a small car, US$307 (€237) for a large car and US$357 (€275) for a pickup truck or an SUV. And for those that are not the handy type, DipYourCar says it cooperates with select shops in certain states that can do the job for you.

  • Diogenes13

    just long enough to throw off the cops….
    Butch and Sundance … all those horses… nope. Same 2.

  • TelBoy

    Hi and good morning . I really want to get into car wrapping and plastic spraying . I have a large garage and compressor etc but don’t know what gun etc to get

  • TelBoy

    Do I need to start by using primers first and if so what 1 . Where is the best place to buy ? I would like start at beginning with a standard colour and a small old car which I have . Can you help

  • Rick Ress

    Hello does anyone know a way to get this stuff off after its been on for years
    It is only coming off in very little pieces as i scrape it off