This is What Happens When You Play with a Lighter While Filling Up Your Car

Evidently, common sense took a day off this past Sunday when a young Australian motorist decided to play around with his…cigarette lighter while filling up his Toyota Corolla’s tank at a gas station in Thomastown, a suburb of Melbourne. Footage from a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera shows the reckless driver leaning inside the car and then for some reason, flicked the lighter which instantaneously sparked a fire. While the foolhardy man panicked and jumped away, Hussei Zaini, a doctor who was happened to be filling up hit tank nearby, scrambled over and threw a bucket of water to put out the fire. At the same time, a gas station employee shut down the pump to avoid the worse. After seeing the incident on film, ACPO station operator Suzy Eid, who was not working at the time, told Seven News:
“I thought it was common knowledge that nobody would light a flame next to a petrol pump while filling up. Why anyone would do something like that is just beyond me.” On the other hand, both Eid and fire officials praised Zaini’s brave decision to quickly take action and put out the fire.