Chris Harris Compares Toyota GT86 Against Nissan 370Z and Used Porsche Cayman S

Like the rest of the motoring press, experienced road test editor Chris Harris has already driven the Toyota GT86 (Scion FR-S in the US) during its official launch in Spain. To say he came out all-enthusiastic would probably be an understatement; Harris was raving. Cars, however, are not only judged on their own but against their rivals as well. Harris decided to test the GT86 on English roads to see if it feels as good as it did at the Spanish track six months ago. He also brought some stiff competition for good measure. The only things the 332HP Nissan 370Z and the much more expensive 320HP Porsche Cayman S seemingly have in common with the new Hachiroku is the fact that they are all rear-wheel drive and touted as drivers’ cars by their makers. However, they do share another attribute (at least in Britain): their price. You see, in the UK, the Toyota GT 86 starts GBP 24,995 while the Nissan 370Z from GBP 29,975. According to Harris, a few basic extras like the infotainment system, the sport seats and the metallic paint lift the GT86’s price close to GBP 28,000. When you’re shopping around you may also look at used cars. In that case, the Cayman S can be had for similar money or even less than the other two depending on age and condition. The question posed by Harris is whether Toyota, a company best known for cars like the Corolla, the Prius and the Camry can make a car that, despite being outgunned by more than a 100HP by both of its rivals, can be more fun to drive than either of them. Find out the answer in the video that follows after the jump.