S.W.A.T. Volkswagen CC is Not What You Think

What does acronym S.W.A.T. stand for? Well, for most people it’s the short form for ‘Special Weapons And Tactics’ used to describe an elite tactical unit in various law enforcement agencies. In this case, however, S.W.A.T. stands for ‘Special Wagons And Tuning’, which is the name of a German tuning group comprising the KBR Motorsport, Cover EFX, SH CarCare and CFX companies with the Volkswagen CC being one of its newest projects. S.W.A.T. says that it crafted the CC to “act natural” through the use of a special camouflage-themed matte foil wrap. In our book, camouflage means that a vehicle is dressed up in way that it remains unnoticed by blending with the environment, but unless we are living in a monochromatic jungle and we don’t know it, we can’t see the tuning firm’s CC staying under the radar, quite the opposite actually… Besides the new wrap, the Volkswagen saloon rides on a lowered sport suspension with shortened coilovers and colored 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in tires size 225/30ZR20 on all four corners. As a final touch, the German tuner says it upgraded the (unidentified) engine and exhaust system to lift output to 276hp (280PS).