Acura Wants us to Marvel at Deleted RDX Scene from The Avengers Movie

Ah yes, the joys of product placement, which calls for the brazen use of a commercially available product or even just a brand name in a fictional setting for a set fee. For Acura, the fictional setting was this summer’s blockbuster movie, Marvel’s The Avengers, which on Tuesday, September 25, was released on Blu-ray 3D and DVD. The Blue-Ray 3D contains some exclusive scenes that were deleted from the original cinema version, including one that forces us to look at an Acura dealership with an RDX crossover gazing through the window – and just in case some might miss it, a glowing sign of the car’s nameplate. The Japanese automaker launched a three minute-long deleted scene in which its crossover model is featured, with Captain America (played by Chris Evans) blatantly taking a look at the Acura showroom as he walks down the street. See the video right after the break.