Russian Truckers Get Together and this Time, it Gets Really Ugly [NSFW]

Earlier today, we shared a dash-cam video of two truck drivers in Russia ganging up (to some extent) on a passenger car that had attempted to overtake them. Now, another video of a group of truckers that was recorded on September 9 has been making the internet and even television rounds in Russia – and this one is far more violent. According to Russian media reports, a gang of young men extorted money from a truck driver who had stopped on the side of the road to change a flat tire. The lorry driver kept his calm and quickly informed his fellow truckers about the incident through the CB radio. Sure enough, the truckers came to his assistance immediately – not one or two, but a whole group who closed the road trapping the racketeers and their car. The video, which appears to have been cut at some points, shows the truck drivers getting nasty with the young criminals, some of which ran into the forest to hide. The ones that remained were beaten up, while the truckers also tipped over their car before leaving the scene. We will need to warn you that some scenes in the following video are disturbing.